…Your Daily Thought

Hi There! We are Julia and Fonseng, both certified NLP Master Practitioners. And we started Your Daily Thought ©.

With just one positive thought a day, we aim to make your life happier, healthier, and more productive. Instantly. Like all happy seekers, we too had our quest being the happiest version of ourselves. We found that happiness doesn’t start with a relationship, a vacation, a job, or money. It starts with what you think and tell yourself every day.

Because, although you can’t control what life brings you, you can control how you think about the events that happen. And practice makes perfect. So that’s why we are here. To share thoughts, give inspiration and learn together.

Or in the words of one of our heroes Bibian Mentel: ‘Let the difficulties of life make us better, not bitter.



Julia Stoel – Legro (LL.M) is also an advanced career development coach and expert in pursuing your dreams for the international change nation First 30 days.

Fonseng Chan (BHS)
is also an experienced Physical Therapist, Pilates instructor, trainer and coach for people with a visual or hearing impairment at the C-talents Foundation.

We share

a passion for:


Bringing joy

We strive to be generous, kind, good-feeling givers in everything we do

Building creative confidence

We want to empower and encourage experiments and help you grow

Leaving a positive impact

We are planet positive, community-minded and purposeful in our actions

Celebrating life

We want to inspire people to make more, do more and love more